RHCE - Done

Wow! What a journey it's been so far. I'm officially a Red Har Certified Engineer! I was able to score 261 (out of 300). What a rough exam. I have massive respect for anyone that even attempt this exam. It's by far the most difficult vendor based exams I've ever written. It requires you to think on your feet and to make the solution work, and just to add another level of difficulty, time is not on your side.

RHEL - Network Teaming

A good technique to support fault tolerance in production server environments is to bond/team multiple physical interfaces together. This way, if one interface would fail, another interface is ready (with the same IP) to provide connectivity. Another benefit would be to provide higher performance using the combined bandwidth of both interfaces. The result is a single logical link (at layer 2). RHEL and CentOS support two methods to aggregate multiple links; bonding and teaming.

End Result = Automate

Nobody is a master at anything from day one. Anything that you attempt for the first time, takes a number of iterations and attempts before you're really good at it. I work in new environments, new networks, and on new systems fairly often, and do work for companies that are based in countries which are always a bit behind the curve of international IT trends. Without any existing integration between systems, and orchestration systems in place, I find that it always takes so much longer to automate from the start.

Finding Your Feet and Losing Them Again

This is my attempt at an introduction to a blog… Readers will be able to use this introduction to get a better understanding of me, where I come from and my take on my career thus far. I will use this blog as an extension of my CV and showcase my professional background, my journey to be a cloud expert, and possibly as a place where I can post my opinion on certain topics that I find interesting.